You Don’t Have to Put Up With It

New Hampshire and Federal law provide protection for those sexually harassed in the workplace. Employers must ensure a work environment free of harassment. This means that if an employee or customer engages in sexual harassment, your employer has a duty to end the harassment.

The Law Offices of Martin & Hipple understands that sexual harassment is a very personal attack, and the resulting process to remedy the injury can be very emotionally draining and intimidating. Our attorneys have worked with victims in the past, know the law, and understand how difficult these matters can be. We insist on remaining a small firm so that we can treat our clients on an individual level as people. We want you to feel comfortable at work. We also want you to feel secure in placing your trust in our attorneys to ensure that your rights are vindicated. If you have been victimized by unlawful conduct at your workplace, contact our offices today to set-up your free consultation.

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