Foregoing a prenuptial agreement doesn’t mean there’s no contract dividing your post-divorce assets.  It just means you didn’t write it.

Simply put, having a prenuptial agreement gives you control of your future.Though we all enter marriage with the best of intentions, the fact remains that not all marriages last forever.  That means proper planning is a good idea for many couples.

A prenuptial agreement (sometimes called an “antenuptial agreement”) ensures that you and your future spouse can determine how you want to structure your marital agreements, rather than relying on default provisions that may not match your expectations and may not line up with how your relationship actually functions.  As with any contract, discussing possible outcomes in the beginning can avoid very messy and protected legal battles in the future.

Simply signing a prenuptial agreement doesn’t always protect you, though.  Courts will sometimes strike down these agreements if you don’t follow proper procedures.  The attorneys at Martin & Hipple will take all proper steps to minimize the risk that a future court will disregard your agreement.

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