No one should ever have to endure discrimination.

Unfortunately, some employers, landlords, and businesses discriminate against individuals because of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and other characteristics. Fortunately, when such discriminatory actions occur, the injured party may have a right to recover under New Hampshire and Federal law for any injuries suffered.

The Law Offices of Martin & Hipple will advocate for your rights at work (discriminatory termination, harassment, other disparate treatment), in the housing context (failure to rent, sell or provide some other benefit based upon class membership), and in the public accommodation context (failure to provide a good or service or to provide some other benefit available to others based upon class membership). Although not every action is discriminatory under the law and not every class is legally protected, our attorneys will help you determine whether you are protected, whether your rights have been violated, and whether you have a right to recover for damages suffered.

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