A criminal record holds you back in your career and social life.

It is public and easily discovered by employers, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Some criminal records can even deny you important Constitutional rights like the right to vote, the right to own and carry a firearm, or certain 4th Amendment protections.

Fortunately, Martin & Hipple can help you annul/expunge your criminal record. After annulment (sometimes called “expungement”), your record is officially canceled. It is no longer public information.  Your lost rights are restored and your record can never again be asked about on job applications or elsewhere.

We Can Erase Your Embarrassing, Job-Killing Criminal Record Forever

We will pre-qualify you for a criminal record annulment over the phone. If you are qualified, we will set up a free consultation to explain the benefits, limitations, and process. We offer low, all-inclusive flat rates that average working people can afford so do not let money stop you from clearing your name.

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