When you are charged with a crime, your freedom, driver’s license, reputation, and Constitutional rights are at stake. We can help.

Whatever the charge, we are prepared to defend you in court or negotiate a favorable deal with the prosecutor. Attorney Hipple focuses a significant amount of his practice on criminal defense and even gained valuable experience working in multiple prosecutors’ offices. We handle all types of cases and are zealous in protecting our clients’ rights and good name.

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We represent clients in cases of misdemeanors, felonies, DUI’s, domestic violence, appeals, homicide, gun crimes, criminal threatening, and others. We represent defendants both in New Hampshire Courts and Federal Court.

If you are being detained, arrested or are in a situation where you feel you may be charged with a crime, you should call our office at 603-856-0202 immediately (if calling after hours, press * to be immediately connected to an attorney. During business hours, press option 2). It is vital to your defense that an attorney be present to defend you at every stage of the case, including the investigation.

If you are charged with a crime,
call Attorney Seth Hipple at 603-856-0202
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We urge our clients to watch the video below in order to be informed about their rights.